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Have Us Recommend a Product For You!

In need of a sewing machine or vacuum cleaner you can depend on? Find the perfect product by having one of our helpful employees make a recommendation for your needs!

Most customers who are interested in buying a vacuum don’t know what they’re looking for other than a product that will work.


However, the market is filled with products that have great advertisements and buzzwords, but those over-hyped products don’t properly work as a vacuum should.


For vacuum recommendations, we’ll ask you about what type of flooring you have in your home and recommend vacuums according to your needs. Our vacuum selection is filled with products that work and are built to last.


We focus on quality vacuums

For sewing machines, our recommendations focus on the individual user’s needs. We’ll take into account your interests and whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or an experienced sewer.


Please remember that Muday Sewing Center can also give you FREE lifetime lessons on your new sewing machine! We’re always happy to help people learn how to use their machine more effectively!

Set yourself up with your ideal

sewing machine

Call now to set up your appointment!


FREE in-store or at-home trials are available for each product we recommend to you!


We are happy loaning out sewing machines and vacuums to you in order to show you the difference between your current machine!


Our relationships with customers don’t start and end with the sale. Instead, they begin at the trial period and we hope to work with customers like you throughout the life of your machine through lessons or tech support!